Bluebells of Henley is a family run florist in the beautiful town of Henley on the banks of the River Thames

We opened our shop in the late summer of 2013 and hoped our selection and vision of the flowers and style that we wanted to create would encourage people into our small shop. And it did!

We provide fresh flowers and plants for your home, weddings and parties, hotels, restaurants and corporate events and for love and sympathy.

Our shop became so full that sometimes our lovely customers could only just get in the door. In early 2018 the shop next door to ours became vacant and we decided to extend our shop to give us the much needed extra space. After several months and what seemed like endless days just before Christmas we were able to move into our new space.

We are delighted with our larger shop which has enabled us to provide even more beautiful flowers and plants for you and we would like to thank our customers for all the wonderful complements and encouragement we have received.

The service we provide is extremely important to us. We supply the largest range of fresh flowers and houseplants in Henley on Thames. We do our best to accommodate all your wishes.